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How do I hire a babysitter for a wedding?

How to Hire a Babysitter for a Wedding

Are you a maid or matron of honor this summer but can't think of the perfect gift? Hire a babysitter for the wedding. Don't be afraid of the responsibility. With an online babysitter service like Babysitters4Hire.com, it's simple. There are babysitters available for one time-events, as well as long-term assignments. Go through profiles of local babysitters, and find the one that meets your needs. Details are import. Will you need the babysitter for the whole-day event, or just for the ceremony? What will the babysitter be paid? How many children do you expect? Will one babysitter be enough? Make sure all aspects of the job are communicated clearly, and in writing. Do not leave anything to chance.

When you hire the babysitter, follow through. On the day of the event, if you are unable to check on the babysitter periodically, assign someone else to do it. Make sure that your child care provider has the support that he/she needs. This includes making sure that all children are picked up at the appropriate time.

Should I hire a teenage babysitter with a driver's license?

Licensed to Drive

If you are considering hiring a younger babysitter to watch after your little one, you may want to consider the benefits and pitfalls of hiring a teenager with a driver's license. On one hand, you would benefit from having a person in your home who is able to drive in case of an emergency. However, if this same teenager has a license you may spend your night out worrying about whether or not they are taking your child to another place, even a place as innocent as the city park, without your permission.

Ask for a copy of the babysitter's license before hiring her. This provides you with a detailed description and record of the person in charge of your child in case anything were to happen. You should discuss with her ahead of time which places, if any, you will allow your child to go visit during your absence. You should set clear, approved hours for this mini-trip. You will also need to talk with the babysitter about carseat needs and safety concerns about riding in a car with another driver. It would be a good idea to have the sitter call you before taking your child anywhere just in case you come home early to find an empty house. Avoid the panic and drama by setting clear guidelines from the beginning and you may find that giving your babysitter and child room to breathe while you are gone will be appreciated and enjoyed.

Should I let someone else know I have a sitter at home?

Put the Word Out

Along with leaving a list of emergency phone numbers for your babysitter, you may want to make at least one of your emergency contacts aware that you are going to be out for the day or the evening. This person can then act as your second pair of eyes. If you will be out for a late night meeting, for example, in which you will find it difficult to call home and check on your child, this contact can also check up on your child for you. This may sound extreme, but it is always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to the well-being of your children.

You should choose a babysitter you feel confident with because you never know what scenarios might come up. Your sitter may be having difficulty getting your child to eat what you left and not know what else to try. That phone call to check up is an opportunity to talk and find other options you would approve of at a time when you cannot get to the phone. If you choose to make an emergency contact aware of your absence, let your child know that this contact will be calling. Your child will also know that they can count on this person in case of an emergency.

How do I go about getting recommendations from my babysitter?

Asking for Recommendations

You may not require your babysitter to have a degree, but she should be able to provide references. You may determine whether she gives you written letters from either parents of children whom they have previously cared for, or from character references. You can choose whether a phone number of a reference that you can call and speak with is enough.

It is entirely up to you, however; you must get the opinions of those close to the applicant, especially if the person applying is a teenager or minor themselves. Be on the lookout for certain keywords used to describe the person you wish to hire. You want to know that this person is responsible, caring, has good communication skills, and is punctual. These traits can describe someone who has years of experience and even an associate's degree in childcare or a high school student looking to earn extra money after school. They are traits that can be demonstrated in many ways in a person's everyday life. As long as your candidate has these qualities, she should be capable and successful as your child's babysitter.

Do you want to know about your babysitter's background?

Background Checks

If you are toying with the idea of selecting an adult babysitter, it is most likely because it gives you peace of mind to know that the caregiver of your child has enough life experience to adjust to most situations. Anyone considering an adult sitter should conduct a background check before allowing the adult to be alone with your child.

Leaving your son or daughter alone with any adult means letting that adult assume authority over them. Your children will become vulnerable to that person's whims, both good and bad. It is absolutely necessary to know whom you are dealing with. There are many online sites that offer free background checks on adults. You may consider any of the following: http://www.abika.com/Reports/Freebackgroundchecksandverifications.htm and www.freeprf.com. Many public schools these days conduct background searches on anyone who comes into contact with the kids, even if it is to attend a field trip with their own child for the simple fact that they will also be exposed to other children. If your search turns up more than a traffic ticket, or even a minor offense that they cannot explain, move on to the next candidate.

Should my babysitter feed my child?

Be Prepared for Mealtime

If you leave a babysitter in charge of feeding your child, be prepared. Just because someone is great with your kids does not mean they can boil an egg. It also does not mean they would be as careful as you in the kitchen -- and accidents do happen. If you do not feel good about the babysitter using the stove, then don't put them in the position to use it.

Prevention in err of correction can save you a lot of trouble and give you peace of mind. Cook the meal you want your child to eat ahead of time and leave it labeled in the refrigerator for the sitter to reheat. Leave any specifications you have on the label and make sure you point out the meal before you depart. If you really want to make sure your child gets your food, leave enough for the sitter to have a helping or two. You would probably rather have your sitter share a table with your child than need to pay attention to her own cooking while your child eats alone. You also probably prefer your sitter not to eat junk food in front of your child, making him more likely to ask for junk food himself. This generous act shows your gratitude and appreciation for the caregiver of your child.

Hoe can I find a trustworthy teenager to babysit my child?

Two-Way Parent Approval

We're all guilty of putting our best face forward when applying for a job ... and sometimes of neglecting to mention little details that might jeopardize our chances of getting it. The same can be said for a teenage babysitter. However, the parents of that teenager are more likely to give you an honest perspective on their child's ability to take care of another child.

Before putting your child in the hands of another minor, talk over the responsibility with the prospective babysitter's own parents. Get the scoop straight from the people that have known that person their whole life. It would be even better if the parent-to-parent interview could take place at the teenager's home. You do not need to see what luxuries their family can afford but rather how they keep up with what they have. Does their home look kid-friendly? Is it organized? Is it clean? This is especially important if your child is to be watched in the babysitter's home. Even if your child stays on your property, this home visit will provide a sneak peak into their lifestyle. This will let you know what you will come back to after a night of this babysitter being in charge.

Regardless of what you see, remember to be courteous, whether or not what you see pleases you or scares you away. And always ask your interview questions with a positive twist.

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