Use Your Child's School To Your Advantage

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Can I find a babysitter through my child's school?

Use Your Child's School To Your Advantage

Schools bring communities together, uniting students, teachers, and parents in one well-intentioned place. Schools can provide you the connection you need to find a good babysitter. Many stay-at-home parents offer to babysit the younger siblings of their chidlren's classmates, or even teachers' children during the day for a price lower than daycare. If you have children of school age, ask other parents in your child's class if they can recommend an excellent babysitter. If you are sure the teacher has children of their own, or even if they simply live near the school, they can likely throw you a name or two as well. If you still have no luck here, go to the PTA (Parent Teacher Association-it might go by other names in other areas). Getting involved in the PTA will guarantee you a surefire way to get to know other community members and bring you into contact with a few good parents ready to babysit for you.



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