Word of Mouth

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How can my current babysitting job help me get other jobs?

Word of Mouth

Word of mouth is an incredibly powerful form of advertising. People talk. They talk a lot, when it is parents especially chatting about their children. If they have used a good babysitter, it will be mentioned, and if they have used a babysitter they were not so satisfied with, it will also be brought up. Make an extra effort to stay on the best of terms with the parents of the children you babysit during and after the job is done.

You should also make it known that you are interested in pursuing additional jobs or if your time with the current family is over, that you would like to ask the favor of keeping their ears open for other families in need. If you met the family's needs and they know you are looking for additional work, they will gladly recommend you to others at every opportunity. However, do not expect the parent to constantly think of others they can refer you to. You should ask them periodically if they have heard word of anyone else that can use your services. Do not push, just give friendly sporadic reminders.



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