Get Letters of Recommendation from Parents and their Children

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Do I need letters of recommendation to get a babysitting job?

Get Letters of Recommendation from Parents and their Children

In finding babysitting jobs, let your past experience work for you. When you leave one job, or even finish a one-day babysitting gig, get some feedback from the parents and children about your performance. If you received a thank-you note for a job well-done, save it. If the child you care for is of a reading and writing age, ask them to write what they did with you that they enjoyed. If they are too young to write an anecdote about their time with you, they can draw how they feel about you. Bring the best ones to your next interview.

These real world examples of your effect on children can give you the extra points you need in competing for a babysitting job. If you do not have much experience, ask friends or family members to list reasons why you would make a good babysitter. In your interview, you do not need to mention who the quotes came from; simply use them to emphasize your potential as a great sitter. After all, anyone can speak for themselves, but when it comes from other mothers and fathers, it can mean much more.



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