Use Brochures to Advertise Your Services

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How can I create a brochure to find babysitting jobs?

Use Brochures to Advertise Your Services

If you are computer savvy, another very professional-looking tool to help find babysitting jobs would be brochures. It can be as easy as using Microsoft Word. Once you have opened the program, change the page setting from portrait to landscape. From the Insert menu at the top of the page, insert three equally-sized columns. When you finish, you will fold along these three columns to form your 'three-fold' brochure. Similar to the flyer, you would paste in a small picture of yourself onto the front page. Creatively design your name and title: Babysitter for hire! On the inside you would create an eye-pleasing list of your skills and most moving experiences in the field. If you have drawings or letters from the children or parents you can even scan them and paste them into the file for extra effect.

You do not have to create a book about yourself to get your point across. List your skills and amount of experience. Make it personal, friendly and eye-catching. Fold it three times to create a thin, sleek brochure. Leave your name, phone number and e-mail address and you will find yourself needed and wanted.



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