Neighborly Behavior

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Can I find a babysitter in my neighborhood?

Neighborly Behavior

It is never a bad idea to get to know your neighbors better. There are numerous benefits to building relationships with those who live closest to you. If your community has a Home Owners Association, you can take advantage of the gathering members at meetings to learn more about parents in the area. Take a few minutes to interview those parents and find out who they use to watch their kids in their absence. These nearby neighbors themselves may be a good option for you if you need to switch babysitting services or merge babysitting services for a date night with your loved one. If one neighbor has only one child, you may be able to share their sitter and share the cost with them if you find that sitter and the ages of your children compatible. Your neighbors may be up to watching your kids for a night every once in a while as long as you agree to do the same for them.



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