Interview Questions for Your Babysitter

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What should parents and babysitters ask during interviews?

Interview Questions for Your Babysitter

Just as you would prepare to interview any other job applicant, you should think ahead about what you want to ask those looking to babysit your child. What greater responsibility could there be? Get out your notepad to make a list of everything you want to ask. What are this person's qualifications? What educational background do they have? Do you want someone who is CPR certified? These are your basic questions that should not pose a problem and will likely be apparent on the applicant's resume.

After the initial round of questioning you will want to have some scenarios prepared to ask the candidate about. You want to make sure to include positive and negative situations in your scenarios to see how this person would react. How will they react to your child throwing a temper tantrum? If your child hits, what will they do? What if your child helps clean up after dinner? What if they do something nice to a neighbor's child? What types of rewards and punishments do they usually practice? Make sure that both your style of leadership and guidance and that of the prospective babysitter are compatible before making your decision. You will still want to inform them of your personal preferences on these topics go before the job begins. Lastly, allow for the applicant to ask you questions. Her questions will emphasize what is most important to her.



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